16 Sep 2021

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Terms of use and privacy

Terms of use
Serbonova.com is an open-source website that is not commercial for all visitors who have an interest in the content of this site.
You need to follow the basic norms of nice behavior on the page, search, views of media content, reading articles and so on.
An attempt to obstruct the work of a site is not permissible, such as: Intensive typing requires in web browser and repeatedly their request that does not exist on the page.
All the add-ons you can visit are displayed, as well as the add-ons that appear to the registered members that are logged in on the page.
Intensive login (logging) if you are not registered.
If you do not comply with these terms, you will be denied access to our site.
On the site is allowed registration of all, only have to be older than 13 years.
Note! If you manipulate with age, it's the responsibility of your parents who do not follow you, and not ours.
Setting up content from other sites is the responsibility of the authors themselves (visitors or registered members) who place the content.
Downloading and uploading content from our website is allowed, unless the content authors allow them to download and upload their content to other websites.
For information contact us E-Mail
Each of your work on the page is registered with your IP address.
This informations is private and is not shared with others, nor is it published as an IP address and serves only as evidence in case of irregularities and non-compliance with the terms of use on the site.
So if you have bad intentions, do not access this site.
Our website protects and does not give anyone the privacy of visitors, except in cases of some inconvenience or other reasons when it has to give requested information to the judiciary bodies or other competent authority.
We can not bear any responsibility in the event of a pirate attack and downloading or deleting information by hackers.
 So do not enter any important information!  (date of birth, registration number, social security number, bank account and other important personal data) in any of the sections, because you do not have any need for it.